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IIFT International Institute of Fashion Technology Fashionova 2012
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The Insitute has been established to promote professionalism in the vast spectrum of fashion studies viz.,desigining,producing,selling and exporting the clothing ,training of personnels as Designers,Garment Technologists and Manager in the Readymade Garment Industry.
The main objectives of the institute are:
  • To promote professional & vocational education in fashion & textile related activities and to unable students to pursue their general and technical studies to the highest standard attainable.
  • To promote the perfection of methods and evolving new and improved practices related to designing and production of clothing.
  • To act as authoritative body for the purpose of consultation in matters of public and professional interest concerning the apparel business.
  • To be the center of excellence on Fashion Design & Technologies, Textiles Technologies and other related activities leverage the advantage of new way of life.
  • To make IIFT the “Fashion Capital” of India.
  • To make IIFT one stop facility for consultancy in Fashion Design &Textile Technology, including R&D and related support services.
  • To carry out advanced applied R&D in Fashion Design and Textile Technology to make the local garment industry competitive in the global place.
  • To act as a nucleus for incubating new technologies in fashion & textile.
  • To work closely with Fashion Design & Textile Technology industry leaders.
Our Areas of Expertise
Total knowledge and teaching management
  • We ensure the effective management of all operational activities, from the identification and articulation of objectives of a course to the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the students, culminating in the fulfillment of targets of professional excellence of the final product within the set timeframe.
Complete quality control
  • Our teaching procedures are designed to ensure quality standards of the highest order backed up by adequate market research projects and practical exposure to the trainees.
Effective communication
  • We ensure effective communication through close interaction between the teachers/ experts and students through institutional networking, day-to-day monitoring and operational support by key executive – all of this backed by the latest advances in educational technology.
  • Our database of knowledge, experience, teachers, consultants and on-going research activities in fashion design enable us to provide the most appropriate expertise for a range of national and international courses combined with the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our clients.
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